Queensland Businesses Have Had a Gutful of Politicians’ Navel Gazing

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) warns the country's business community has lost patience with a political system where poor policy outcomes have been delivered on the back of opposition, for opposition sake and personal prejudices against corporate Australia. Leadership spills from both major political parties over the course of the last decade have seen a once stable democratic political system become an international embarrassment.

Queensland small business and the wider community are crying out for major reform, not piecemeal appeasement policy aimed at placating senators with absolutist positions on every challenge this country faces.
CCIQ reiterates that Australia's competitiveness as a place to invest in was set back by trenchant opposition to a modest and appropriate corporate tax cut yesterday, only serving to highlight the complexity of a Senate that has lost any sense of what its actual purpose is as a house of review.

The lack of a framework around addressing power prices for small business remains a core concern for the country as the national grid faces another year of elevated pressure on its resources. The Queensland economy continues to lag NSW and Victoria amidst policy changes which have seen state levies imposed on the business sector with impunity.Today’s suspension of parliament only infuriates an already weary business community. Queensland deserves better and as a country the need to focus on core issues is immediate and can no longer remain in the realm of farce.
Source: CCIQ

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