Chinese Golden Week Tips

Dear Members,

This is a friendly reminder that it is Golden Week for the People's Republic of China commencing the 1 October. This is an incredibly busy week of travel for the Chinese consumer and we know the Whitsundays is always a popular holiday destination during Golden Week. To help you deliver some great customer service we have included some useful tips to consider;

1. Learn a few basic greeting'sHello - Ni Hao
Thank You - Xie Xie
Glad to see you. / Nice to meet you - Hen Gao Xing Ren Shi Ni
How do you do? - Xing Hui (more formal)
2. Have menu's, safety instructions or key information translated in simplified Chinese.

3. If possible have a Chinese speaking staff member working at all times throughout the week to help with any language barriers and make them feel welcomed to the region.
4. Things to think about in the future is to have Alipay available which is a Chinese third party mobile and online payment platform.
If you have any questions please do reach out to the Tourism Whitsundays team. We wish you a successful Golden Week!

For more information contact Tourism Whitsundays

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