Chamber Chat - April 18, 2019

The Federal Election has been called for May 18 and it could be ‘make or break’ for the small business sector. For too long the major parties have paid lip service to the needs of small business but largely ignored the genuine policy changes needed to significantly assist the sector.

And it is a significant sector. Small business makes up 97 per cent of all businesses in Australia giving many young Aussies their first job and putting food on the table for nearly 5 million people. We employ more workers than government and large businesses. 

The chambers of commerce across Queensland are lobbying as one, to make sure federal election candidates know that ‘Small Business is a Big Deal’. The campaign, spearheaded by CCIQ is urging MPs and Senators from all political parties to back small business policies during the election campaign.

The campaign aims to unite employers and employees, not drive them apart. Small businesses are not big banks or major corporations - they care deeply about their staff, and many are struggling to make ends meet and keep staff employed. 

The Small Business is a Big Deal’ campaign will highlighting how small business creates jobs, cares for workers, and sustains our community and with this in mind, the Chambers of Commerce are calling on all election candidates to come up with policies that:

1. Help employers and employees work better together
2. Deliver affordable, reliable energy with lower emissions
3. Stop the collapse in skills

You too can have your voice heard and get involved. Sign up at

There were several useful small business initiates in the Budget but the instant asset write off scheme is of little help if you don’t have the funds to purchase the asset in the first place. We need to cut costs – compliance costs, energy costs, taxes, and simply the high cost of doing business in Australia due to legislatory requirements and frameworks all need to be addressed if Government is serious about not throttling small business to death. 

Small business really is a big deal.

Have your voice heard and get involved. Sign up at

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